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HARC Personal Story

Malvin Massey, Jr.:
“It has been my pleasure to work with HARC for the last 5 years. My privilege has been to manage community relations for HARC on University of Memphis educational radio station, WUMR, as a platform for promoting HARC community activities. Communication is one of the most important ways to get things done within a community. I have been able to invite HARC board members and other HARC guests to speak on our public affairs programs. Being able to serve in this function, as well as presiding over our board meetings, gives me a sense of accomplishment that I think of as my way of being a part of my community. I love what we do at HARC.”


Mission Statement

HARC enhances the quality of life in neighborhoods surrounding the University of Memphis.

Our geography includes the area bounded by Macon Rd. (north), Goodlett Rd. (east), I-240 (south), and Semmes St. (west) popularly known as Highland Corridor.


• University Neighborhoods Development Corp.
• Independent Transportation Network – Memphis    (ITN)
• United Methodist Neighborhood Centers – Memphis
• Carpenter Art Gardens (Binghampton Dev. affiliate)
• The University of Memphis
• Area Neighborhood Associations
   • East Buntyn          • Messick-Buntyn
   • Normal Station      • Red Acres
   • Sherwood Forest   • Joffre    
   • Bremington Estates

About Us

A dedicated volunteer Board of Directors guides the ongoing work of HARC.

Our officers include:

Executive Director, Rev. Mark Matheny
   [retired United Methodist minister]

President, Malvin Massey [Director, WUMR Radio]

Vice Pres., Pat Hickman [Operations Mgr., ITN-Mem]

Secty.-Treas., Virginia Hathorn
   [Member St. Luke’s UMC]

Current Events

Annual HARC Angel Awards

   Our 2017 HARC Angel Community Service Awards Celebration took place on Thursday, September 28, at the University of Memphis Community Ballroom. Inspiring words were shared by Rev. Dr. Reginald Porter, Sr. of Metropolitan Baptist Church.
   Ms. Ingrid Puljcik served as an excellent Mistress of Ceremonies. The “Loving Our Neighbors” theme was beautifully presented by the Sherwood Elementary Chorus, as they sang two rousing selections.
   As always, the greatest highlight was presentation of the HARC Angel Awards. These beautiful hand crafted awards, created by artist Pam Santi of Memphis, were presented to 14 local deserving recipients.
   In addition, the second annual Victor Feisal Award went to the Hammond family, with particular appreciation for the late Rommie Hammond. Mr. Hammond was considered the number one fan of the University of Memphis Tigers. This award is named for the beloved Victor Feisal, former U of M Vice President, and is presented to those who show excellence in connecting the University and the Community.

Annual Events

• HARC Angel Awards for Community Service
• Community Urban Gardens
• Junior Leadership Team (UMNC)
• Community & School Murals

Community Gardens Summer Growth

Vegetables and other good green things sprouted and grew in the gardens this summer with Grace Perry’s gardening gifts.    Grace invited Life Church Youth volunteers to lend a helping hand to spruce up the garden area in August.     

How to Give

We are a 501(c)3, non-profit, and HARC gifts are tax-deductible. Cash or check donations are welcome! Checks may be mailed to:
      HARC Inc.
      561 S. Prescott, Ste, 215
      Memphis, TN 38111
If you would like to setup an electronic payment, please contact us at memtheny @ gmail.com or avhathorn @ gmail.com.
In-kind donations are also welcome for our annual September silent auction each year. THANK YOU!

Contact Us:

Rev. Dr. Mark Matheny, Exec. Director
561 S. Prescott, Ste. 215
Memphis, TN 38111
901-428-4633 cell

HARC is a State of Tennessee chartered 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization founded in 2006 following extensive study of Highland area community needs.